“..these guys are the real deal with their no frills, in your face, back to basic blues with a 90’s-ish feel.”

– Alice Cooper –

Crashing Wayward are an exciting new alternative active rock band that hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, but its roots stretch out farther than that. The band has a very interesting back story.  As Electric Radio Kings was right on the verge of success with a top 30 Billboard Mainstream rock hit, National active rock radio play and twice featured by Alice Cooper on Nights with Alice Cooper radio show the band imploded. Stacey picked up the pieces and the universe brought these five guys together for a reason: Crashing Wayward!

Peter Summit

Peter Summit – Lead Vocals

Stacey David Blades

Stacey David Blades – Guitar

Deemed the next exciting alternative modern rock act to watch in 2021, à la Royal Blood and Stone Temple Pilots, these boys are the new rising resurgence of rock n’ roll that is taking back popular and mainstream music. Crashing Wayward features premiere front man Peter Summit on vocals whose commanding stage presence and style is influenced from a large range of artists from Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Bono, Dave Gahan to David Bowie.

On lead guitar is national recording and songwriting artist Stacey David Blades. Joining him on lead and rhythm guitar is national touring guitarist/songwriter David Harris. Rounding out the rhythm section are two gents that need no introduction: Los Angeles touring bassist Carl Raether and Las Vegas drummer Shon McKee.

David Harris

David Harris – Guitar

Carl Raether

Carl Raether – Bass

What makes the band gain popularity and fans quickly is their super strong songwriting and combinations of many great mixtures of music. With the echoes of past and present, the band reaches a huge demographic.

Crashing Wayward are working on their new record with longtime Metallica engineer, the one and only, “Met Mixer” Mike Gillies for the second time, working out of famed producer Kevin Churko’s The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, NV to the excitement of their fans explording onto the scene with a new look, vibe and sound!

Crashing Wayward is the band you have been waiting for!

Mixing fantastic radio-catchy, fuzz-laden driving songs with an alternative edge, savvy rock star looks and a sound that knocks you off your feet, Crashing Wayward is the band you have been waiting for!

This is the band the music industry has been longing for!

Shon McKee

Shon McKee – Drums

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